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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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news. well, good morning to you. welcome to monday, january 24th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam. the strong wind gave us the offshore breeze has let up a lot. unless you're up in the higher elevations. some patchy morning going then sunny -- morning and then noneny to nice and mild. northbound 101 at the 0 split is shut down right now. now it does look as if the truck may be leaving and the trucks may be out of there soon. when they open up the lanes, chp has to run a traffic break and this is late. it's usually about 5:00 things are picked up. we will keep watching that and it may start causing delays
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before too long. this is a look at 24 westbound, looks good up to the tunnel. it's 5:00. back to the desk. >> thank you. developing news in san francisco, a body was found burning in a car just about an hour and a half ago. we first showed you photos, these from the scene at the top of the 4:30 hour. and now we are hearing from witnesses. we are live with what they had to say. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. police investigators and arson investigators are here at the scene. you can see this burned out car here behind me. they are trying to piece together what happened. we're told there is a body inside of that car. and homicide inspectors on their way. now-- inspectors are on their way. now the medical examiner pulled up about a half hour ago. we're here off web administer street in an alley. it's right between some low- income housing and about a block from an elementary school. went you to take a look at
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pictures a neighbor shot off of his cellphone. he said he was awoken by a car alarm just after 3:00 this morning. he rushed to the bedroom window and saw a car on fire. >> at that point, the flames in the car were probably above our heads. so he tried to put out the fire. and just to make sure that nobody was inside. >> reporter: we saw investigators with their flashlights looking in some stairwells and combing along the streets here and we asked them what they were doing. and they said, we don't know what we're looking for, we'll tell you when we find it. they have blocked off the street here, this one block on webster. so we don't know how long it will be blocked off, but these investigations take some time especially since two different entity, the fire and police department. and we'll of course keep you posted. later, we are going to talk to
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a police investigator live and let you know what they have to say. live in san francisco, channel 2 news. well, the san jose area was shaking just hours ago. there was a 3.0 magnitude quake. it happened shortly after 11:00 last night. about ten miles north of morgan hill. it was the second quake in the san jose area this month. back on january 7th, a 4.1 quake shook the area. this morning, the search for a missing 4-year-old boy moves from a canal in paterson to san jose. we are live with why the investigators are changing their focus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're live in san jose this morning and you can see the electronic message boards that are still alerting drivers this morning that the child abducted is still out there. the search is expected to continue at the canal tomorrow morning. the sheriff search teams pulled a total of five vehicles from the water since last week, but
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none have been the silver toyota the 27-year-old was last seen driving. on saturday, the sheriff reported that the tread pattern a silver lexus pulled from the water earlier this week did not match the tracks. a farm hand reported seeing a toyota roll into the water on tuesday, a day from the abduction. but there's no way to compare the tread marks of that to the missing toyota. yesterday volunteers gathered to hand out leaflets alerting about the abduction on tuesday by a man authorities say raised the boy as his own son. he has not used credit cards or cellphone since the abduction. >> i don't care if he gets away, i just want my son. >> reporter: his mother told one local payer is death of his
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father two years ago, their split six months and the recent loss of his job may have pushed her exboyfriend over the edge. his mother lives right here and he may try to contact someone here in the city. so they're going to concentrate their efforts for jose and the 4-year-old right here in the south bay and along the highway 99 corridor. reporting live, channel 2 news. >> all right. make sure you stay here with us for the very latest developments in the search. we will bring you updates this morning and all throughout the day on our website, this morning, police are looking for four gunmen wanted for a home invasion robbery tide to drugs. it happened late saturday night at a home. police say nine people burst into the home, held the three people inside at gun point and then tied them up. investigators say the gunman
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ransacked the home, and then ran off with $75,000 worth of marijuana. police arrested five of the suspects, four others are still at large, all of them are from the los angeles area. time now 5:05. he was a bay area native who became a legend and an american physical fitness icon. >> get your niece up higher. one, two, three, four. >> he was incredible. he has died of pneumonia, died yesterday at his home. he was 96 years old. he s a tv pioneer and a fixture during the golden age of television. in fact, his ground breaking exercise program aired right here on ktvu channel 2. it changed the way america worked out. >> he really brought fitness to everybody. it wasn't you know just the guys lifting weights, it was you and me and wife, your husband, your kids. >> he graduated from berkeley
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high school. he attended uc berkeley and hoped his first gym in oakland in 1936. he was america's first modern day fitness club. he then went on to host the longest running fitness show in television history. he has died at the age of 96. >> and i think those pictures we showed is when he was i believe 60, he swam towing a boat, he was handcuffed. >> yeah. >> he was the real deal that's right. going-- -- the reel deal. that's going to be sad to see him go. northbound, westbound 80 up to the maze, looking good here as you drive out to the maze on this early start to your monday morning. traffic is moving along nicely when you get to the toll plaza as well. westbound traffic is light coming into san francisco. northbound 101 at the 80 split remains shut down. and they were doing some of the
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barrel, the sand barrels there, they were fixing them here. but northbound 101 is still shut down from about caesar, the two left lanes are closed so you can't get onto the 101 freeway up to mission. but you can still get onto the lower deck of the bridge. we will watch that closier. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. for some of you, you probably enjoy the sunshine and wet weather. and others are saying, where's that rain? w no sign of anything through the rest -- well, there's no sign of anything through the rest of the month. the only hint is on the 31st. this week looks dry, the last rain was on the 13th and that was about .10 or .25. so this is going to be a dry month. but we get the stretch where is we can go a longtime two, three weeks without any rain and the rest of this week and into the weekend looks like it's going to hold. when you get high pressure and this kind of weather in jaary, you get record highs. over the weekend, oakland 72.
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that tied. and yes, if you're thinking this is warm, it has been. 30s to start off. patchy fog. the wind, the howling breeze has really let up. there are some locations in the northeast bay hills that have a couple of breezy condition, but things have calmed down. 30s and 40s, higher clouds will spill over the ridge of high pressure. a system is getting close. and to the north of us, it has no support south. so higher clouds make and it that's about it. patchy fog to the valley. stockton is reporting fog. so out towards the delta, anybody near there, sacramento or up 99 or 5, yes, you will encould beer fog and some fog can make it for a while here. but the storm track stays to the north. sunny to mostly sunny. higher clouds don't amount to too much.
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60s for some. low to mid- to upper. not as warm as yesterday. we lost the offshore breeze. it's still going to be sunny and cooler and then looks like warmer towards the end of the week. >> okay. thank you. let's talk football. the match-up for super bowl xlv is now set, the pittsburgh steelers playing the green bay packers in dallas february ofth. now you saw the packer's victory right here yesterday. they beat their longtime rivals the chicago bears 21-14. quarterback rogers ran for that touchdown and then made a touchdown saving tackle on an interception, tackled him there, saved it right there. the packers are 2.5 point favorites we're told to win the super bowl over the steelers. now the steelers punched their ticket by beating the new york jets. their third trip to the super bowl in six years. they built up a 24-point lead, but then had to fight to hold
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off the jets and ended up winning 24-19 for the steelers. super bowl xlv now less than two weeks away on sunday, february 6th. you can of course sit at home and watch it right here with us on ktvu channel 2. >> i know you will be doing that. >> yes, i will. >> a little steeler fan. well, crowded courtrooms, what volunteers in san francisco are being asked to do that could help. and a new wave of flooding devastating parts of australia. what caused the rush of water and why many fear it could happen here in the bay area. and good morning. washington, d.c., coming up, why some members of congress say tomorrow night's state of the union address is like finding a date for the prom. live look now, highway 24 heading up, it looks good. but in san francisco, not all the lanes are open. more on that.
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welcome back. san francisco district attorney wants to ease crowding in the city's criminal justice system by setting up a network of volunteer run community courts to deal with misdemeanor offenders. according to the chronicle, the idea is for mediators in seven or eight neighborhood courts to rule on such crimes as shoplifting, prostitution, minor drug vie alligators and sidewalk sitting. well, parents in a school
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district will get another chance this week to discuss their concerns about saving their schools. the school board will hold a meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 at gardens elementary school. the district plans to close at least three schools to save $1.5 million a year. five of the schools being considered are in concord and the other two are in pleasant hill. san francisco state university has a plan to save classes. it's part of a consolidation proposal to help cut cost. under the plan, the studies department would merge with the education department and the foreign language colleges would become one. they face a $32 million short fall. tomorrow night president barack obama will deliver what is usually the most watched presidential speech of the year there. year, the state of the union address -- year. this year, the state of the union address will bring
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together some odd couples in congress. >> reporter: that's right. it's being called the washington, d.c. dating game. lawmakers are looking to sit with members of the opposite party for tomorrow night's state of the union address in a show of unity. now usually democrats sit on one side of the house chamber and republicans sit on the other. the president gets more cheering from his party and boos from the other side. but in the wake of the assassination attempt of congresswoman giffords and the new focus on civility in congress, democrats and republicans are pairing up to sit together. a liberal come men at a timer says it's a great idea. >> i think we might get away from the seesaw and prep rally grade school nature of the state of the unions lately which is just really silly. so i think it might act, they might act more like grown ups. >> reporter: now california senator barbara boxer has been among those, leading the call
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for bipartisan seating, but her office has not yet told us who she is going to be sitting with. well, republicans will send a message to president barack obama just hours before the state of the union speech tomorrow night. house republicans have scheduled a vote on a resolution to immediately cut the federal budget to 2008 levels. republicans say the vote right before the president's speech is designed to force lawmakers to show just where they stand on spending cuts. you can watch the president's state of the union address tomorrow live right here on channel 2. it's set to begin at 6:00 p.m. and you will find coverage on our channel 2 website, today palestinian leaders are denying a report that suggest they were ready to make major concessions to israel in negotiations three years ago. the television channel is quoting leaked documents showing an offer to limit the
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return of palestinian refugees. the documents it said were from a meeting in january the 008 involving the then u.s. secretary along with leaders. well, people living in southeast australia are being asked to evacuate this morning after flood waters caused a levee to break and emergency alert was sent out warning people that water would indate the area within 12 hours. volunteers have piled thousands of sandbags around the community and weeks of heavy rains have caused an estimated $20 billion in damage. i know you're watching san francisco and all over the bay area. >> that's right. we're starting in the san francisco dave and pam. northbound 101, still, in fact backing it up now. you can see that they are getting rid of that closier in san francisco. so they, now you can get onto the central freeway. they still have the two left
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lanes blocked northbound 101 underneath where it san francisco, you can see the trucks are just backing up, chp should be, thank you very much, they should be getting out of there any time now, but just be careful if you're driving there any time soon for them to get out of the way. those are slow moving trucks. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. that looks okay coming into san francisco. and if you're driving on the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic looks good. here's steve. >> thank you. mostly sunny today. patchy fog, but i was just looking, even fairfield, both say clear. and now fog can move in. as soon as i say that, fog could come in, but most is out to the valley and dell that. fair sky, patchy fog at best. the pat certain on hold for a while. five to ten-day very quiet. if anything, warmer. the possibility of a system a
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week from today. but it's been my experience, the first weak system is just that, weak. we have chilly lows though. chilly, it's cold, okay. 30s and 40s. a lot of 30s here. napa airport down to 36. concord, upper 30s, no fog yet. our obviouser said no fog yet. that could sneak back in around 7:00, 58 in the morning. redwood city 43. the higher clouds are from a system up to the north, but all it gives us is high clouds. high pressure is flexing isthmus as the jet stream stays far to the north. the only bug is fog and cold starts to the morning. after that, fair and mild. not as warm as the week wednesday 70s. we're losing the offshore wind and there's breezy conditions in the higher elevations. 35 to 50, cool, cold, fog. but mainly clear skies or high clouds.
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until noon, 58 to 64, mostly sunny skies and keep 60 to 70. cooler towards the county due to the influence of the fog close by. for others, mid- to upper 60s. and the five-day forecast has a dry pattern, maybe a little breezy on tuesday and then after that, sunny and mild to warm. no sign of any big changes. european markets are starting the week mostly lower following the lead of asian benchmarks. the nikkei broke ground. australia, south korea and singapore posted gains, but stocks along hong kong, china and taiwan fell indicating many investors are concerned that china will move quickly to control its economy. our futures, the u.s. markets should start the day looks mostly flat, but more earnings coming in this morning that could send the markets in
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either direction. dow jones up about 49 points on friday, starts today at 11871. just moments ago, mcdonald's reported its fourth quarter earnings. the most popular hamburger chain are up from last year, earnings topped $6.2 billion, just what analysts expected. time now 5:21. new evidence suggesting the feds may have been able to prevent the pipeline disaster. how some outside pressure may have led to inactions. and it's not a blue light special, buthere's a run on lightbulbs. why people are rushing to stock up.
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good morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, patchy fog. after that, 60s. openfully the peninsula and south bay. ahead of september's deadly pipeline explosion, federal regulators reportedly had the chance to enforce stronger oversight, but failed to do so. according to the chronicle the safety administration considered tougher rules in 2003 and 2005 but did not adopt them because of industry pressure. after the explosion last september, the allege city did pass rules -- the agency did
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pass rules requiring companies to report what techniques are used to check the pipeline. well, a stretch is more environmentally friendly this morning. there are eight energy efficiency street lights. now they are 40% more efficient than the lights in the rest of the city. a $491,000 grant, part of the 2009 federal stimulus bill was used. if you live in nevada, the city wants to know your thoughts. there's a survey you can take through the end of the month and we have posted it under new links on our website. well f one 100-watt lightbulbs are on your shopping list, you may be out of luck. all of the bulbs have to use 72 or fewer watts. but there are stores that can continue to sell any 100-watt bulbs they have in stock. a lot of people that don't like
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the lower powered bulbs are buying up as many as they can fine. >> i prefer the old fashioned 100 bulb, they give a better light. >> change is hard for all of us, but once you get into it and adjust, it becomes more than normal for the way you do your work. >> california is one of a few states requiring the new billion bs now, but beginning next year, this law will affect the entire nation. police say a phony vet is responsible for some horrible acts of cruelty targeting puppies. live in san francisco where fire crews put out a car fire and make a gruesome discovery inside. and this morning, the search resumes for the san francisco fisherman still missing in the delta. good morning. westbound highway 4, traffic looking good up to the willow pass. more straight ahead.
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good morning. welcome to you. monday, january 24th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. had a nice weekend. let's see what the week is like. >> about the same. not much of a change. only subtle changes, maybe patchy fog, chilly lows for some, but not for all. it's other in san francisco. and that's not cold. we do see some 30s, especially towards the north bay.
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and then mostly sunny and mild. and just not as warm on the weekend. >> good morning. northbound 101, you can see they have a couple left lanes closed in san francisco at the 80 split. they were doing some road work and they opened up the lanes to the central freeway, but we have a couple of crews there blocking the fast lane. they should be gone soon. westbound 92, that traffic looks good. and now back to the desk. >> thank you. topping the news this morning, we are following developing news in san francisco right now. some people woke up to find a car on fire in their neighborhood and then learned a body was inside. take a look at this foe at the a viewer sent us just about an hour ago. we are live in the city where she just spoke to police about the investigation. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, homicide inspectors are arrived within the past half hour and they are working with arson
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investigators to solve this case. you can see a burned out car behind me here. there's a body inside of the vehicle there. car is located on a small side street called rose. med t medical examiner is here trying to figure out how this person died. we were able to talk to a witness and neighbor. he said he was awakened by a car alarm and ran to the window and saw the burning car. we saw police and fire investigators combing the neighborhood with flashlights, he said they weren't sure what they were looking for. >> we will have officers canvas the neighborhood as typical protocol, talk to neighbors and witnesses that might have seen what happened. and if there are cameras, we will pull the tapes and see if they captured any images or anything that might be of assistance to the investigation. >> reporter: neighbors say flames from the car were so intense, they shot above their heads.
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>> but he couldn't get that close to the car because he was afraid of the gas tank might blow up or something. >> reporter: now police have blocked off webster and since homicide inspectors are on the scene here, it will be some time before the street owe e opens. we asked where the body was -- street reopens. now we asked where the body was located, we have not been told information on that. hopefully we will get more information to you later this morning. live in san francisco, channel 2 news. we're fining out more about a man that was shot and killed by an police officer with oakland schools. investigators now say an oakland school police officer shot a 20-year-old after brown stabbed another school office we are a screwdriver. this happened about 9:15 saturday night where a school dance was taking place. brown died there at the scene. that police officer was wearing a protective vest and he is
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okay. police say brown informs a stolen car and a gun was found inside. san jose city officials as well as police and community members will be holding an emergency meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. now this is a response to a recent wave of gang violence in san jose. the vice mayor called the meeting to talk about the recent gang related and crimes and to offer safety tips to the general public. that meet willing be held at the neighborhood action center. the search will resume this morning for a san francisco fisherman who is believed to have fallen overboard in the delta. the 51 harry lee's boat was found saturday afternoon floating unattended. the sheriff's office searched with boats and diverse saturday and sunday. investigators say -- boats and divers saturday and sunday. investigators say he was wearing a life jacket, but it
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had to be manually activated. >> we're holding up, we're going to hope for the best. >> sheriff deputies say when they found the boat, the motor was still running indicating that he was probably sitting in the front of the boat. they say he may have hit a objector big wave that knocked him -- object or a big wave that knocked him into the water. the man is suspected of cropping the ears of dogs to make them stand up straight. the owner turned his dogs over after their ears became infected. the spca is offering a $1,000 reward to find the man. time now 5:35. well the search for a missing 4- year-old boy from paterson focuses on the south bay this morning. divers will go back tomorrow morning. volunteers spanned out across town yesterday and they passed out fliers with his photo on
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it. authorities say the little boy was taken last tuesday by a 27- year-old jose rodriguez, his mother's exboyfriend. now his grandmother believes he will bring her grandson home. >> he has a heart. we all have a heart. but i really, really forgive him for what he has done. but it's time to bring my grandson, please. >> sheriff deputies downgraded the amber alert for the little boy from statewide to local. it's now only in effect in parts of the valley and san jose. now make sure you stay with us here for the latest developments in the search for the little boy. we will bring you updates throughout the morning and the day on our website, the cruiseship that was stranded off the southern california coast last year is new in san francisco for repairs that start today. went to take a live look at the ship this morning. you can see it there at the port this morning. bay area workers will start
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fixing the damage. an engine fire at sea left nearly 4500 passengers and crew members without running water, electricity or hot food last november. that work on the ship could take up about a movement. break news right now in ohio there. is fairport harbor, ohio. take a look at this, live pictures, the entire village of 3,000 people is being evacuated. there are several fires and gas leaks there caused by an overpressured gas line. fire crews from about a dozen cities are responding there. residence are being moved to a senior center. it's northeast of cleveland. again, live pictures. we will bring you updates as soon as they become available. in just a couple hours from right now, a stretch of san francisco's great highway will be shut down. city crews will be closing the highway between lincoln way and
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slow boulevard. we are here now with what they're going to be doing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. starting at 9:00, just a few hours from now, we will see the road closed sign shut traffic on this portion of the great highway. you saw a few cars going by. again, this is all starting at 9:00 this morning. traffic is going to be shut down in both direction between slow boulevard where we are standing right now and lincoln way. and it's going to remain closed until 3:00 today and closed from 9:00 to 3:00 every day this week and here's why. the great highway borders the ocean beach and sometimes when the windblows, it bless sand up onto the highway and that can create dangerous driving conditions. so public works crews will be coming out to clean up the sand and trim back the vegetation in the median. now erosion has been a problem for the past couple of years, especially between december 2009 and january 2010.
5:39 am
that gate over there, the metal fence just below that is a 420- foot rockwall that the department of public works crews had to put in place to stop the erosion. again, great highway, shut down to traffic between account and 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. shut down during the hours. it's going to be shut down during the afternoon hours so hopefully it shouldn't have too much of an impact on the morning and afternoon commute. for more on that, let's go to value. >> thank you very much. and one of the good ways to get around, use 48th. or use sunset. drive by and wave hello and keep going. you don't have to get opt the great highway. goo-- onto the great highway. this is northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. they have opened tall lanes now getting up to the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic is moving well on westbound 24 as you drive up to the tunnel. we're off to a nice start on
5:40 am
monday, but getting more crowded. bart is rung all the trains ontime according to them. and this morning's commute into livermoore valley starting off well. no major issues. union city a little bit of crowding and across the bay, okay on 101. 5:39. let's go to steve. >> thank you. good morning everyone. not much of a change. the wind still is the people only confined to a few areas in the higher elevations. your forecast, what you see is what you get for a while. just not as warm. patchy fog, that's it. chilly to cold, but mostly sunny. highs 60 to near 70. santa cruise yesterday was 74. tonight mostly clear. the wind showing signs of picking up again. nothing compared to saturday night and sunday. over the weekend, records. figure since it was sunny and mild to warm.
5:41 am
oakland 72. that tied the old mark. that broke the old mark of 80 in 1968. and santa rosa tied a record on saturday. 328 right now in lake port. lose the wind and some location really drop down. kenwood 33. upper 30s, mid 30s for livermore. the city is at other. 41 redwood and foster city. around 40, 41. mountain view at 43. san jose in the low 40s as well. a cold front is make to it the north. it will give us a few high clouds and any rain stays con find north of the oregon border. patchy fog, so far, very limited. it can show up at any time. mainly north bay and east bay,
5:42 am
but a dry patter and the fog doesn't, i mean, it's many the valley more so than anywhere near here. chilly, cold mornings, mostly clear, higher clouds and mostly sunny, fair and mild. anywhere close to that fog you're in the low 60s. if not, the mid-60s. 66 santa rosa. warmer towards san jose. not much in the way of rain, that's for sure. and night and morning fog, otherwise another dry week. well, it is an important day in an arizona courtroom. the reason the man accused in the tucson shootings will not face murder charges today. and fitness buffs around the world are mourning the loss of a bay area man that changed the gym and television. northbound 280 traffic look good so far. and if you're driving around the bay area, we're doing well. but right now, traffic is beginning to change.
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what that means.
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cold for some, mostly clear, patchy fog, another mostly sunny day, mild tonight, low mid and upper 60s. >> thank you. jared loughner the accused gunman in the tucson shootings is scheduled to appear in a phoenix courthouse today. we are in phoenix with the charges loughner will face in today's hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a couple things here. number one, the county has not yet filed against loughner. in that instance, he will probably 13 counts of attempted murder. in the federal case, he has not been indicted on the murder
5:46 am
charge, but he has been indicted on attempted murder charges and what promises to be a lengthy year's long trial. the man behind the now infamous mug shot has been charged with attempting to kill congresswoman giffords and two of her aides. he is suspected of shooting 19 people at a grocery store in tucson, arizona. six were killed including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl. federal agents have searched his home and questioned people who knew him, including employees at this shop where he inquired about a tattoo of a bullet. >> we got weired vibes from him. i told the fbi that all he was talking about was his crazy dreams. >> reporter: investigator are searching for evidence of mental illness and trying to learn what triggered the rampage. the congresswoman's husband believes some of the questions will remain unanswered. >> i don't think we will ever
5:47 am
fully understand the why and the how you know the reason for what happened on the 8th of january. >> reporter: giffords has been ansferred to a hospital in houston, she is not yet ready to start rehabilitation because of fluid on her brain, but doctors there say they're surprised with the progress she has already made. and giffords' husband mark kelly has been invited to tomorrow's state of the address. >> thank you. tonight in san francisco, the common wealth club is holding a town hall meeting called qualifications of tucson. the president and ceo of the club and former clinton nuclear arms negotiator will discuss political aggression and gun control that. meeting starts at 6:00. attendance is free. here's a look at other top stories we're following right now. in san francisco, just hours ago, a body was found inside of
5:48 am
a burning car in the city's lower hate district. you see the police looking at the car. this happened on rose street. homicide detectives are still there at the scene. the physical fitness guru died yesterday of pneumonia. he was 96 years old. ground breaking workout show aired right here during the 19 others and '60s. and the stage is now set for super bowl xlv. the pittsburgh steelers and green bay packers will meet in two weeks in dallas, texas. yesterday the materials beat the new york jets -- steelers beat the new york jets 24-19 and the packers beat the chicago bears 21-14. detroit police are expected to hold a news conference after four police officers were shot inside a police station. officers say a man walked right past the front specific fired down a hallway. four police officers were shot.
5:49 am
no38-year-old gunman was then shot and killed. the injured officers are expected to survive. detroit's police chief says his department will now reassess security at each of its stations. unlike many police departments, detroit does not have metal detecters and the front desks are not fitted with shields. authorities in washington state are investigating why a man ran from sheriff deputies and then opened fire in a wal- mart parking lot, that sparked a shootout that left a man and a woman dead. deputies got a call about a suspicious man inside the store yesterday afternoon. when they tried to to talk to him, he ran and began shooting. deputies then returned fire, killing the man. a woman was cans -- was also killed. investigators do not know if she knew the gunman. the injured deputies are expected to survive. this morning, jury selection begins in the trial
5:50 am
of two men accused of killing a bay area journalist. the oakland post editor was shot and killed in august 2007. now the former black muslim leader and an associate are facing murder charges in the killing. % say that they ordered the murder to stop him from writing about the bakery's financial troubles. as many as a thousand perspective jurors could fill out question yea -- questionnaires this week. earlier, there were some road work, looks okay though. you can see northbound 880 moving along well. that's on the right-hand side of the screen, that's 880 northbound near 66th avenue. that overnight road work near high street has been picked up and things are doing okay. taking a look at the commute, westbound at the toll plaza, looks good coming into the area, no problems on the way into the city.
5:51 am
on interstate 80 from fairfield, heading out towards the bridge and down to richmond looks good there across the bay looking good. and i think i already mentioned fairfield, looks good. let's go back to steve. >> thank you. another dry week, no rain this weekend or weekend as well. remember,-- no rain this week or weekend as well. remember, things, the tap has been turned off. and the last rain we had was on the 13th and that wasn't much. and we haven't had much this month except around the 1st and 2nd. this week looks dry. there are signs maybe of a weak, weak low but not until early next week and that won't do anything. sit cold this morning. lakeport 32. i've seen a couple 39 near walnut creek. 38 concord.
5:52 am
30s for fairfield. other in downtown san francisco. low 40s peninsula to mid-40s. san jose, mid-40s. foster city, all around 41, 42. upper 30s then. at least a cold front is to the north of us, higher clouds, but that's about it. the fog in the valley looks like now, it's not really supporting that fog coming in here as we had a couple weeks ago and keeping us bone cold. now burns off soon, but some of the shallow fog make it in. otherwise, another dry week, temperatures 35 to 50 in the morning. huge spreads here. and if you commute in to san francisco, you will go from 35 to 50. 58 to 64, mostly sunny and keep that theme going. 60 to 70, not as warm as yesterday, but still mild. mid-60s for others. 65 for oakland. slightly warmer towards fremont. another day of beautiful beach
5:53 am
weather. sunny, breezy, mild, patchy fog. otherwise, temperatures warm up near the end of the week. the company that used the slogan nobody doesn't like sarah lee has two new suiters. there could be competing offers for the bakery. one led by the apollo global management has offered nearly $13 billion, that's nearly a 10% premium over the stock price. and a second that includes the blackstone group is preparing a bid. restaurants are usually one of the businesses that lead other retailers out of a recession, but that's not happening this time. sales have grown just 1s for the last quarter which is where other retailers were 18 months. analysts say people who were forced to cook more at home seem to be enjoying and it they're enjoying saving money and they're saving trips to restaurants just for special occasions. >> because we love to eat. >> we do. well, wait until you hear about the woman who just won
5:54 am
almost $200 million in the lottery, now she's the focus. plus, a drama 9 asea when it happened, but will there be smooth sailing?
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. the woman from idaho that won almost $200 million last month
5:57 am
has disappear. and her estranged husband makes plans to sue to get part of the money. the 29-year-old, there's her photo, she won $190 million just a couple weeks ago. here's her photo from 2003 after police say she was attacked by her estranged husband. legal experts say he may actually be entitled to get part of the lottery jackpot money. she has not been seen or heard from since she became a winner. a dramatic rescue at sea caught on tape. three florida men and their cat were headed towards mexico on saturday when a rope holding aidingy snapped and became entangled in the rutter. luckily a carnival cruiseship was nearby and they were able to rescue the man and the cat. one of the rescued men told a florida tv station he's a fiction writer and in the middle of writing a book focus
5:58 am
on a man rescued by a cruiseship. a major freeway ramp is back open right now. for the past three days, drivers entering or exiting southbound 880 haven't been able to use the 42nd avenue ramp. instead they were directed to high street. crews reopened the ramp earlier this hour. the construction is part of a major project to replace the high street bridge. just hours ago, a frightening discovery on the streets of san francisco, a body found inside of a burning car. we're there at the scene. we have the latest on what the police now know. plus, why police are shifting their focus in the search for a missing little boy.
5:59 am
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